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Are you a fan of Nintendo?  Well, even if you are or not, you definitely must have played the famous classic Nintendo consoles when you were a kid (that is, if you are in your twenties or higher age right now). Anyways, brings back lots of good ol’ memories right? Mario, Pokemon, Zelda and many more,  these characters really made our childhood super awesome and we can’t thank them enough.
And talking about these consoles, you must have had few of them like- Nintendo Gameboy or Nintendo DS or Nintendo Wii or others. Many of the gamers might ask which of the Nintendo console is the best and has the best games. Well, the answer to this question is- all of the Nintendo consoles have been a great success so far, the games are pretty cool as well. And Nintendo is widely popular for its best handheld consoles and are getting upgraded everytime.

3ds Emulator PC

Nintendo 3DS Emulator -
Nintendo 3DS is an evolved version of the original Nintendo DS. It was released back in February 26, 2011, firstly in Japan and worldwide later on. This console had already created a massive hype among the gamers even before its release and it also gained massive popularity and was sold massively after release as well.
It was loved by people of all age as it brought back the nostalgia among old gamers by providing an  updated version of classic games like- Pokemon, Mario, Zelda etc. People who got the console undoubtedly enjoyed it and for the people who couldn’t actually get the console itself, there had been development of the emulator to execute the games and experience the super cool 3ds gameplay on PC.

3ds emulator 
After the launch of Nintendo 3ds, many developers have been trying to get into the system of 3ds and make an emulator for the PC, android and ios as well. The 3ds console seems to be pretty powerful in compared to its previous generation consoles like- Nintendo Gameboy, Nintendo ds , etc. Although the emulators for these old consoles have already been released in the past and seem to be working perfectly. However, regarding the 3ds emulator, there were tons of sites that gave fake promises and fake applications saying it’s the emulator.
Keeping those stuffs aside, the popular 3ds emulator for PC seems to be the ‘Emulador 3ds’ and ‘Citra’. These two emulators are pretty popular for executing 3ds games on PC. And for the mobile version, we have got the 3ds emulator android which is one of the finest emulator out there and is downloaded by thousands of nintendo gaming fans everyday. See the emulator in action below. 

Check out gameplay of Pokemon on 3ds emulator -
Pokemon 3ds on Pc

Emulador 3ds
Emulador 3ds is one of the best and working version of the 3ds emulator that is available to download. According to the tests and experience of the users, this emulator seems to be working perfectly and seems to execute all the 3ds games without any lags. Emulador Nintendo 3ds undoubtedly runs 3ds games at its best without any barriers.

Citra 3ds emulator
This emulator is also very popular among the people. Even though it has lots of lags and not all the games work on it. But still it seems, it has been demanded on a huge amount. And It is totally obvious to have lags and is totally fine not being able to run all the 3ds games as it’s still in beta stage and new updated version of Citra seems to be releasing every once in a while. Get the latest version of this emulator from-   

Most of the people search for this emulator because they want to play especially the new Pokemon, Mario and Zelda games that are coming out on 3ds. The Nintendo tends to release only a specific number of games for a specific console and then they stop production of new games for the old consoles and you have to upgrade to their newly released consoles to play new games. That is the reason why people prefer playing new Nintendo games on an emulator rather than the console itself. Even though you may not get the best experience on the emulator as like in the console itself but still being able to play super cool 3ds games on an emulator, it is incredibly awesome right?!  That’s why emulators are built and we are happy to provide you one!
Thanks for reading and happy gaming!

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