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Ever imagined of playing Ps4 games on android?? Well, we have already covered up its good old Ps3 on PC and also Ps4 on PC and now talking about the android version, the emulator has already been out for it and has been causing chaos in the gaming universe. And if you are not yet known about it, we are here to go in depths and expose some good informations regarding the emulator, how it works and more.

Is it possible to play playstation4 games on android?

The smartphones and the android updates has been getting pretty awesome and advanced every single day. Once, just used for calling device can now operate super cool cameras for awesome photo snaps, video recording, similarly can run HD games, store massive file sizes etc. so you still doubt it isn’t possible to emulate Playstation 4 games on android?

How to play ps4 games on android?

Well, the first way to play Playstation4 games on android would be through remote play. This is an official app which is available on the play store and you can get it from there. This app lets you connect your android with the Playstation and you can control the Playstation through your device itself. Pretty awesome right?!
And the other way around would be the ps4 emulator apk. The people might think this is crazy but knowing about the android, the android system can already emulate major of the consoles like- the original Playstation, Playstation 2, Psp ,Xbox, Gameboy , Nintendo ds and many more. However, the Ps4 emulator is pretty complicated as it’s in beta version so it might not be able to emulate all of the games(well, that’s what we thought).  But through testing and from the reviews of the users, we found out that it could emulate almost all of the games. How awesome does that sound?

Ps4 emulator android -

ps4 android emulator

Talking about the emulator itself, it hasn’t been long since the creation of Playstation4 emulator android.  It has been developed by group of experts who have been working on developing other similar android projects. And the new versions of this emulator has been releasing every once in a while with an updated features and bug fixings.
Playstation 4 android emulator isn’t much in size. In other words, you need 100mb at the most for installing this emulator. But the difficult part comes in installing the games. As you might know, the games  of the Playstation 4 are very large in storage size. So you need to have a massive storage available on your smartphone for running these games via emulator. Nevertheless, there is an idea for this as well. You need to look for the compressed Playstation 4 games or the compressed Playstation 4 Iso extension games. Or you can even convert the Ps4 games from the Dvds to Iso files at huge compression level. This will help in reducing the file size of the games and would definitely be easy to operate it on the android system.

 Where can I download ps4 emulator android ?

The playstation4 emulator android hasn’t been officially released or is available on the Playstore yet. However, you can still get it from the alternative sites. But believe it, most of the sites that promises to give you working Playstation 4 emulator apk either results in a hoax or some sort of fake apps. So you need to be aware of that. Anyways,  why worries? I mean what are we here for?! We have got you a surprise.

Download Ps4 emulator apk -

This is not an official release. And as we talked earlier, there could be some lags in the performance but  from the reviews of the users, we found that it could actually run most of the ps4 games on android without any issues. Check out=

Playstation 4 emulator apk download

And if you are an Iphone or any other ios products user, download Ps4 emulator ios-

Playstation 4 emulator ios download

How to install Ps4 emulator on android ? | Check Out the Gameplay

Emulator Ps4 Installation Guide-

-After downloading the emulator, make sure you save it on a specific folder.
-Also make sure you have allowed the installation of unknown sources in the android system settings.
-Install the emulator and launch it, you should see the Playstation 4 theme loading up.
-In some cases, due to maximum downloads and privacy purposes, the emulator might ask for verifying you are a human so just follow the simple instructions.
-After entering the home screen, go to settings and make sure you select ‘load up iso file’ and choose the path where you have stored the Playstation 4 games.
-Adjust the controller settings as you prefer.
-Play the Playstation4 games and enjoy!

If you are having problems downloading, please share the site to any 3 social medias below as in the image to automatically download the file! Thank you!

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